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St. Agnes offers a challenging, college-prepartory course of studies for all its students. Over 95% of the graduates in the past 5 years enrolled in college. The guidance department assists students and parents with college applications.  The College Guidance Office maintains a separate web site for information on scholarships, financial aid, college applications, testing, career information, etc. 


College guidance begins in sophomore year when students take the practice college admission test or PSAT. Colleges do not review PSAT scores, but the PSAT helps students discover their strengths and weaknesses before taking the SAT.


Students take the PSAT again at the beginning of junior year. The college counselor will meet with junior students to explain the results of the PSAT and will discuss the many online tools that are available to explore the college process.  Also, juniors meet with the college counselor in the spring term to explore the application process. The Junior Parent College Night helps parents understand the admission and financial aid processes. The students then take the SAT for the first time in either May or June. 


Seniors continue to meet with the college counselor. Students are encouraged to select a manageable number of colleges to explore in depth. The SAT exam is administered in October, November, December, and January with the goal for the students to take the test at least twice, but usually no more than three times. Senior parents are invited to attend an evening meeting on the financial aid and application process in December.  The college counselor will meet with every student individually to discuss their college options and will continue to assist them on an ongoing basis. 

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